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RegANews focuses on news, developments and companies in the Regulation A+ industry. We highlight companies that are set to IPO under Regulation A+ from start to finish.

Angie Zhang

Following the essential values of integrity, respect, and honesty. We Jade Nails brings high quality products and services in the beauty industry. 

Imagine visiting a Chinese restaurant run by Moroccans, or having a pizza made by Polish people. It just doesn't sound or taste right! Marcel Waffles is owned by Belgians.
Indeed, our waffles are made in Belgium, by Belgians, directly imported to the West Coast. Our waffles taste Belgian, smell Belgian and breathe Belgium. It is not always the beer….or the chocolate.

Our goal is to create these tools and become a trusted name that will continue to serve you going forward. We aim to use research findings and athletic experience to develop great products that will continually help athletes and fitness buffs make progress, break plateaus, and become the best they can be.

PHNM Brand is a passionate clothing and apparel brand whose mission is to inspire the world that wears the brand and braves everyday to #DefineTheMoment

Having a great idea and executing it are two different things. Two heads are better than one and when great minds think alike, the magic happens. RocketCrew brings together innovators with the same attitude and shared skills and helps them to achieve their goals, together.

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