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   world by connecting   entrepreneurs globally 

We at Co-optrade would like to invite you to be an investor!


We believe the app will make an entrepreneur's life easier and connect them with other entrepreneurs around the globe. 

Co-optrade captures the growing entrepreneurial market:

  • Warm based connections. Supported by audio & video chat with screen share

  • Revenue from advertising and marketing for startup or startup support services

  • From educational software tools

  • From store and database services

  • From technical software apps

  • And from professional subscription services

You can be an investor for only $150!

90% of Regulation “A” Start-ups

 Regulation A+ startups will be a burgeoning new business sector & not main stream yet but predicted to be a 50 Billion dollar industry by 2025.

Regulation A+ advantages:

-Allows for mini-IPO with conventional costs
-Allows for digital advertising
-Allows to trade stocks without going IPO
-Allows accredited and non-accredited investors can invest

Market Share Available

Co-optrade overview

Co-optrade is a computer processing and data company.

We aim to be number one social networking service for entrepreneurs.

Our web and app portal platform will be used to connect all parties online to
interact, or trade information and resources so that they may widen their network and use different apps or services.

Currently the social networking site is under development stage.

Co-optrade’s business model is to grow user and client volume from the process providing great platform to the
users, saving deals to clients, and profits to Co-optrade

  • Free user and tools for all but a professional subscription services to a specially designed platform for gain their students/clients to build credibility and advertise professionalism.

  • Income Sharing platform programs and paid referrals for search links and database.

  •  Digital Advertising through our pricing strategy of pay what you want and market-oriented pricing, we will be competitive, and at the same time aligned with our corporate mission.

Business Model

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