Present Situation
Our Solution
Blockchain and AI
  • Few Entrepreneurship focus on social networking platforms where intellectual, equity working, and material resources and funding are available.

  • Business apps, sites, and services are scattered on the internet.

  • Few social Networking System utilize the benefits of Block Chain and AI.

  • Increasing demand for entrepreneurs for rapid connectivity to obtain-Need an intellectual resources, and funding to develop their products in an ever accelerating world.

  • Provides an easy access social network platform for entrepreneurs

  • One site integrates services, apps, and software tools into one social network platform which include access to educational tools and software

  • Plan to use Blockchain and AI applications

Block chain technology allows the following:

  •  Secure user data and network through encrypted security

  •  Avoid Fraudulent impression (bot viewers/click) for advertiser

  •  Enhance verification of people and companies

  • Provide supply management transparency

 AI technology allows the following:

  •  Enhanced connectivity to find users

  •  Improved user experience without additional programming

  • Enhanced Social Media Marketing efficiency and Virtual Assistance

Co-optrade is a revolutionary social networking platform for entrepreneurs

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